A pregnant woman’s super powers

Where is my super suit? For Halloween this year my husband and I have matching outfits just like the ones in Disney Pixar’s movie The Incredibles. The suit is tight enough to show just a little bit of a baby bump, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

The costume inspired me to write my list of super powers that I believe pregnant women seem to possess, most of which are probably undesirable. 


  1. Super Smell: The ability to smell vomit inducing bad breath from a mile away! Sometimes its nice to be able to detect a flower sooner than you used to, but beware because smells that used to be welcome can now be deadly!
  2. Bathroom Detection: The uncanny ability to scan any room, grocery store, or building for bathrooms. This ability is necessary due to the urinary urgency associated with pregnancy.
  3. Super Speed: This is a great power but it comes with a catch, this power can only come into play when you need to either pee or puke.
  4. Glowing Abilities: No, it doesn’t help you see in the dark, but as soon as people know you’re pregnant they can immediately see a “glow” that they for some reason couldn’t see before. Soon you will find your nemesis captivated with watching your growing butt, thighs, and tummy allowing you to do… something  bad to them. Ok, hopefully you don’t actually have a nemesis, but seriously people watch carefully once they know you’re pregnant.
  5. Super Acne: Pop a new zit to blind your opponent! K, that’s just gross, but I’ve had a lot of new acne since I got pregnant and it’s no fun.

K, maybe not the best super powers, but hopefully they’ll improve once you get mom’s super powers, you know, like eyes in the back of the head and stuff life that! 

Enjoy one of my favorite clips from The Incredibles. My only regret is that the clip stops before the best line. Unfortunately the only clip I found that included this line also included added text blips with profanity. :( sad day! So I’ll write it in for your enjoyment. if anyone can remember Frozone’s wife’s name let me know so I can include it! 

Frozone: “Think about the greater good!” 

Wife: “I am your wife! I am the greatest good you are ever gonna get!”