How to Grill Pizza

grilled pizza slice

Grilled pizza is one of the best summer dinner ideas ever! You can make the dough in large amounts, freeze it, and use it as needed for a super quick super delicious meal that tastes like you ordered it in New York – K, I haven’t actually been in New York, but I’m told it tastes like New York pizza. The crust is nice and crispy on the outside and the whole pizza has an amazing smoky flavor.


your favorite pizza dough recipe (if you don’t have one you can use mine)

your favorite pizza toppings (cheese, diced tomatoes, peppers, spaghetti sauce, pepperoni, sausage, etc)


1. Heat up your grill on high heat

2. Shape your dough and spray both sides with oil before placing the dough on the grill

3. The dough will heat up really fast – let it heat just long enough to get firm on the one side – probably less than a minute – then flip the dough

4. Layer the toppings as fast as you can, starting with your sauce

5. turn off the grill and close it up for as long as it takes the cheese to melt (this will perfect the smokey flavor) – about three minutes

Enjoy your grilled pizza! Seriously, with already prepared dough this takes less than ten minutes including prep.