Hope in Humanity

Warning: This blog post is not about my baby (k, so maybe I mention her now and then, but it’s not about her).

I’m not sure if I should feel that humanity is in despair, or that we finally have some hope. Since I like to be an optimist I am choosing hope! Obviously that statement has a story attached to it, so I guess I better start telling the story!

I went to an Elder’s Quorum social recently, without my husband. K, yeah, it’s weird but it was for couple’s and since hubby is in the Elder’s Quorum presidency and had to miss it for work he asked me to go and represent him. Since hubby had the car I faithfully packed up baby in the stroller, made sure I had my keys and my phone in one of the flippy stroller compartments and started off.

The social was pretty typical, it consisted of four people (the Elder’s Quorum President, his wife, me, and my daughter). Gotta love those guys! Girls even out number them at their own socials. Anyway, we played games and ate pie until it was dark. The Elder’s Quorum Pres. offered me a ride home since he had a truck with him to carry the stroller. I had the baby’s car seat (it attaches to the stroller), so I accepted and went home.

As I waved goodbye to my ride I realized that I didn’t have my phone. I frantically checked the stroller which had been haphazardly carried all over the place. Nothing. I checked my purse hoping I had put it there. Nothing. The next morning I went to the church to search and asked the ward clerk if anything had been handed in. Nothing!

My husband was the first to tell me the truth – the phone is probably stolen and already on E-bay honey. It’s only a phone. I agreed with him, and sadly nodded. Then I realized that this was more than just any phone! This phone was the phone I had owned when my baby was born. This was the phone that had chronicled in picture and short video my daughter’s entire life up to this point. I felt my stomach drop. It was horrible. I asked my husband to text the phone, explaining that it contained precious photos and videos and asking that either it or the memory card within be returned. I went to bed with the photos weighing heavily on my mind. I woke up the next morning still feeling a general sense of woe. The entire time my husband and I were praying for the safe return of the phone.

Then, it happened. I got an email from my husband that someone had found the phone in the lawn of a nearby business and was returning it! The person who called my husband claiming to have found it seemed to mysteriously know where we lived, and left it in our mailbox. The text my hubby sent was opened, but no other phone calls or texts were sent or recieved over the weekend.

I was so happy! While the return of the phone certainly prompts a lot of questions (who stole it? Are they in our ward? Etc.) I’m trying to not worry about them and just have hope that someone who may have made a mistake thought better of it, had a heart, and as far as I’m concerned repented. If I knew who it was, I would give them a big hug, tell them I forgive them, and thank them for bringing it back! So there it is! Newfound hope in humanity and an answer to our prayers :)