Almost there

So, I don’t think I did one blog post during my second trimester. K, maybe one, but that was early on. Ironically, it was easily my favorite one. I finally was able to understand why some people consider pregnancy to be a joy. I wasn’t nauseas, I wasn’t huge, and I wasn’t dog tired. It was great! Still, the trimester didn’t go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, I was exposed to CMV at work, and endured a weekend of fear as my husband and I worried about whether or not I contracted the disease. CMV can cause severe mental handicap, blindness, deafness, and even death to a fetus. It was a truly scary time, but my husband and I were able to pray and find comfort, knowing that the Lord has a special plan for our baby and he is ultimately in charge.

Lately, as d day gets closer and closer, I worry about my indaquecies and how I’ll be able to care for another life. I worry about the responsibility that comes with motherhood, amazed that the Lord is willing to trust us with his children. He sends these perfect spirits to us, and we can only hope we don’t mess them up. Well, no matter how much I worry she’s coming soon, so I guess I just need to keep trusting that everything will work out.

Here’s to my baby girl. I love her so much, and I’m so excited to hold her in my arms.