Amber may most definately be… in favor of religious freedom

There are fanatical off shoots of every religion. Brian David Mitchell wanted to be a mormon bishop but became the bum who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart. Timothy Mcveigh attended mass with his father as a child and became the Oklahoma city bomber. We don’t look at these people and judge all mormons, catholics, or whites based on their actions, and yet so many look at the dreadful events of 9-11 and judge all muslims to be Osama-like fanatics with plans to take over America and destroy all that is right and good in the world. I’m getting sick of anti-muslim forwards that generalize all muslims and lump them all into a terrorist category. I thought that America was a land of religious freedom not a land of ignorance and unfounded hate. I think that if these people took the time to meet a non-fanatical muslim and try to understand them, they would feel ashamed of themselves. So I’d like to encourage some research and explain a little bit of what I have learned about muslims in my World Religions Class.

The five pillars of islam are:

  1. Faith
  2. Prayer
  3. Almsgiving
  4. fasting
  5. Pilgrimmage to Makkah also spelled Mecca

This is a simplified list of the five pillars of Islam. Each pillar has a deep explanation. I encourage everyone to find out more about it. The point is, it’s not evil. I’m sure you can find similarities between islamic beliefs and your own. A similar list: faith, prayer, fast-offerings, fasting, and temple attendance are all very important to me. I’m sure you can find similar things that are important to you as well.