Here’s to our past, present, and future

Happy New year everyone! How did you finish your year off? The last thing I did was clean the living room while watching a Korean drama on netflix. Lol, It was strangely fun. One of my favorite parts of the new year is looking back at the past year. So much happens in a year, especially when you have little ones in your life. They change and grow so quickly, it’s almost impossible to keep up.

Strangely, one of the things I love to do with my hubby is talk about the future. Grad school plans, what kind of house we’ll someday buy, how many kids we’ll have, the kind of family we’ll be. It’s fun and exciting. We have so much future ahead of us and we’re so sure that it will be a wonderful and happy one.

We also love to talk about our past. We reminisce on how we met, watch the video of Little Lion’s birth, look at wedding photos  and laugh because we still look the same. We talk about the things that have changed and the things that have stayed the same.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in talking about our future and our past that we forget about our present. If there’s anything I want to make sure I do in 2013 it’s to enjoy my life… as it is right now. I want to revel in the special moments I’m bound to have, and find ways to become stronger through the trials.

President Monson said something profound in his 2008 address, Joy in the Journey. He said,

“If you are still in the process of raising children, be aware that the tiny fingerprints that show up on almost every newly cleaned surface, the toys scattered about the house, the piles and piles of laundry to be tackled will disappear all too soon and that you will—to your surprise—miss them profoundly.”

Of course we cannot expect ourselves to enjoy every moment of our lives. We are meant to experience many emotions during our tenure on earth, but I hope that in 2013, we young mothers can experience great joy in our journeys and remember that our daily tasks represent a sweet period of our lives. I’m not trying to sell carpe diem. It’s unreasonable to expect young parents to never look forward to nap time, or feel relief when dropping the little ones off at Grandma’s for an hour. Rather, I’m saying that we can recognize and fully seize opportunities to spend time with our loved ones and experience the inexpressible joy of meaningful relationships and family.

Here’s to a wonderful 2013. May we remember our past, look to our future, and live in a beautiful and blessed present.

Here’s a printable to start the year off right. As usual, free for noncommercial use.

Thomas S Monson quote

It’s not clutter, it’s my unique filing system – Thoughts for Thursday

It's not clutter - It's my unique filing system

Thoughts for Thursday is back! Sorry for the hiatus. I’ve been trying to focus more on getting my home organized. In honor of organization I’m sharing this fun printable – free for noncommercial use.

Actions speak louder than words – printable

Another entry into my American proverbs series. Once again, my printables are free for noncommercial use, so go ahead and print them off for your home, that’s what I’m doing :)

Action speaks louder than words printable

Don’t leave for tomorrow what can be done today – printable

I designed this one specifically for my kitchen. As you know, if you’re a regular reader of my blog, I don’t love cleaning. I won’t say I hate it because that makes me feel like I’m somehow sinning, but I genuinely DON’T love it. How’s that for beating around the bush?

Anyway, I’m hoping this printable framed and hung in the kitchen will help motivate me. I really believe that with faith and trust in the Lord I can become an AMAZING housekeeper. It’s gonna happen ;)

don't leave for tomorrow what can be done today - printable

As usual, my printables are free for personal noncommercial use.

Positive Affirmations Printable

I’m a believer in optimism. In my own life, being an optimist has made me happier and healthier. I come from a long line of women who get horrible stomach aches due to stress (among other things). When I was in high school, these stomach aches were almost constant. But slowly, as I learned a few coping mechanisms (one of which was positive thinking) my stomach aches went from daily, to weekly, to monthly, and now I rarely have them at all.

I want my daughter to be optimistic and happy. I think she’s the coolest kid ever, and I want her to think the same thing. So I put together a positive affirmation printable. The plan is to hang it in her room. It’s full of statements that I want her to believe and know. If you like it feel free to right click, save, and print. It’s all yours. Oh, and P.S. I love when you comment! It makes my day :)

P.S.S I’ve got my first ever give away coming up soon! So so exciting :)