Fun ways to announce your pregnancy

So, I haven’t been an amazing blogger lately. I’ve kinda slacked off, but I’ve got a reason, and I can finally let you in on it. We’re pregnant with baby number two! We’re really excited about it, and so far this pregnancy has been easier than the last one. I’ve been sick, but not actually puking. It’s a blessing considering I’ve got to watch Little Lion. Anyway, to celebrate here’s a post on how to announce your pregnancy. All of these ideas work for second pregnancies.

Here’s how we did it:

fun way to announce pregnancy

K, so our baby is WAY cuter than the baby head I edited in, but I’m really big on protecting my daughter’s identity as well as her choice for how she portrays herself on the internet someday. After about age 1, I stopped showing her picture. It will be the same with the next kid. Anywho, you get the idea of the announcement. You get a picture of your kid making a face and hold up a sign in the background that says, only child expires February 2012 or whenever the baby is due. This was a big hit for us. We got a shot of Little Lion looking really quizzical and it made for a priceless pic.

And the other pic we took:

Fun way to announce pregnancyDraw a bump on a whiteboard and write, coming soon: and then whenever the baby is coming soon. This is another creative way to announce your pregnancy. We printed out some photos like this and then gave them to our parents without saying anything. It was fun to see the recognition slowly come to their faces. We did another shot where I held up the bump and did a family portrait.

Another cute way I’ve seen is where people take a picture of everyone’s feet, along with some baby booties either in front or to the side, and caption it with “our family is growing by two feet”. So cute!