What have you got?

Have you got a pair?

Have you ever pushed out a watermelon while breathing in deep breaths?
Do you know what it’s like, to waddle every little step?

Have you ever cried with your baby, as your baby cried at you?
Have you become an expert, on the different shades of poo?

Have you picked gum from hair, kissed bruised knees, and wiped away big tears?
Have you disciplined, and let things go, and calmed their little fears?

When the sun goes down do you wake up oft’ to check on sleeping eyes?
When the sun comes up does waking, take a couple tries?

Do you feel your heart will burst, inside your momma’s chest
When your child does very well, and aces his last test

Especially when the test, is not the school test kind
But the kind the world won’t know, the kind that’s undefined

They’ve chosen right, they’ve fought for good, they’ve learned their lessons well
And though you aren’t perfect, you’ve helped them to excel.

When you stand, do you rock, with nothing in your arms?
Do you worry, about the day, when you must come to terms

With the fact that they grow up, and leave their mother’s nest
They’ll no longer sleep so soundly lying on your chest.

There’s more you’ve done, the list won’t end, But I’ll stop and ask you please
Remember that you’ve got a pair

A pair of ovaries!

Dedicated to all mothers- but mostly to my mother, love you