When Doctors Disagree

Every time we go to the doctor’s the hubby learns something new about how he wants to treat patients if he gets to specialize in pediatrics. And these last couple of doctor’s visits have really taken the cake!

We went to the specialist with our darling little girl where we were told to not worry about previous test results. They were probably just a fluke. We were also told that our chubby little baby is under-nourished.

Sorry, but does this look under-nourished to you?

Yeah, me neither. Still, like the good parents we are we followed the doctor’s instructions and set up an appointment with our pediatrician to evaluate how to improve our little one’s diet.

Much to my surprise, the first thing my doctor told me was that the specialist had called her the day of our initial appointment and she thought that our baby will probably need growth hormone shots when she’s three.

I was flabbergasted. “That’s not what the specialist told us!” I said in shock. My doctor looked surprised, but just continued on about how making sure the baby weighs enough will be important too, but she doesn’t think there’s a nutritional problem.

I was so frustrated. I’m not sure if the docs have different opinions or if the specialist just wasn’t straight with us so we wouldn’t freak out. Either way, not comforting at all. Now we are waiting to do some more testing.

So, for some specifics on what might be wrong with her. Apparently, there’s a chance she has a rare form of dwarfism ¬†known as pituitary dwarfism. Basically it means that you don’t have enough growth hormone to function well. You need growth hormone for more than just growth in height though, you also need it so that your bones and organs develop correctly. It’s a really important part of development.

If our daughter does have pituitary dwarfism we will need to give her some very expensive treatments, namely $75,00 growth hormone shots.

I’m still holding out hope that she’s just little like her parents. Either way, we’ll work through this. In the mean time I get to listen to people tell me why growth hormone shots are an unnecessary treatment, “who cares if your kid is short?”

Honestly, not me. I could care less if she stops growing at four feet tall. I just want her to be healthy, and that’s what the growth hormone shots are about. It’s not about height people, it’s about having a healthy brain, heart, liver, kidney, and everything else.