Spring with a baby

I’ve always loved this season, but discovering it with a baby is something else.

baby with yellow flowers

Everything is new and exciting. Everything is beautiful. Everything is edible, ha ha, it’s just so fun!

Baby hand holding a yellow flower in the spring

We gave Little Lion these pretty yellow flowers and she was so entranced with them. I could swear she said pretty as she gently pulled at the petals. *Sigh* These are the moments.

Baby Holding Beautiful Yellow Flowers

It makes me want to bottle her up, but then I remember her growth problems and I’m so grateful she’s progressing. She learned to walk this week, and I’m just so proud of her. Yep that’s my girl, the one who keeps pointing at the window because she wants to be outside.

I hope everyone is enjoying spring. We sure are.

God bless

– Amber Mae