Pick me up!

Did you ever have one of those dolls that closes its eyes whenever you put it down? Well, my little doll has a glitch. She opens her eyes every time someone puts her down, and she does more than just open those sweet little eyes – she also tests her vocal cords. It starts out small – she’s probably warming up – with a series of small noises. Then, her face scrunches up, her eyebrows come close together, and she lets out a wail! Pick me up! Pick me up! Love me! Love me!

And invariably, we do love you little one, but we can’t hold you 24-7! Oh how we wish we could, but momma has to sleep once in a while. And sometimes, we just need a break. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love you.

Hopefully, she won’t hold it against me that not only did I not pick her up – I took a picture of her pain. Oh the humanity!