The plan of salvation

One of my earliest memories is of laying in my crib and watching my hand move. I remember wondering how it knew what I wanted it to do. I was still getting used to my body. I can see my baby doing that. Her movements are becoming less jerky and more purposeful as she learns how to make her limbs do what she wants them to do.

I imagine her in heaven not long ago being so excited to finally come to earth and get a body so she could be like her Heavenly Father and older brother. She has taken a big step, following the plan of salvation.

Because she is here we know that she chose to follow Heavenly Father’s plan when he presented it in heaven, she abhorred Satan’s plan knowing that heaven means nothing without agency to get there.

Now that she has a body she will experience trials and pain, right now she has a bad case of baby acne and her poor tongue is covered in thrush, but that too is part of Heavenly Father’s plan, and we will teach her that she can turn to him and us for love and comfort.

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