Amber may be… a sick mom

I’ve been sick for the last couple of months. Don’t worry! I’m not seriously sick. Nothing life threatening or anything. I just keep catching all these dang viruses floating around. Whether it’s a stomach bug or a cold bug or whatever I catch it. I haven’t gotten sick all the time like this in years. I was kind of a sickly kid, it took me a while to build up my immunity, but eventually it built up and I stopped getting sick every other week. So why has my immune system suddenly failed me? I think I figured it out a couple of weeks ago – it was a flu then – when my father-in-law looked at me and said, “You look terrible!” he then repeated you look terrible something like five times. Thanks Pop! (You have to understand that my in-laws love to tease! So why I may have in all actuality looked terrible he was just repeating it as a joke) He then told me, “You know what I think it is? I think you’ve run yourself ragged and your immunity is gone down.”

That good ol’ father-in-law. He’s a common sense kind of guy and his common sense really clicked. I keep getting sick because I’m a mom and I can’t seem to get better because, well, I’m a mom. Being a mom, as wonderful as it is means:

  • reduced sleep (self explanatory)
  • increased worry (don’t try to tell me not to, ’cause it won’t work!)
  • irregular meals (too busy feeding, watching, entertaining baby to remember to feed myself)
  • less nutrition (sorry, the occasional taste of baby food doesn’t count)
  • inability to rest (if we moms rest a few things happen, first of all the baby cries, the hubby doesn’t feed himself, the house goes to pot, the fish dies, OK OK I don’t have a fish, but if I did it would probably die should I try to rest, basically chaos ensues.
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