young and married, watcha gonna do about it?

My husband and I went out to eat at a cheap pizza place a couple of weeks ago. As we sat at our little table, we overheard an elderly couple discussing us loudly (somebody needed to adjust their hearing aid!) They kept whispering about how young I look, and whether or not our marriage was of the shot gun variety. My husband responded by loudly saying,

“They’re discussing your age over there honey!”

catching on quickly I joined in,

“Wonder what they would say if they knew I’ll be graduating with my Bachelors in May!”

*Forced Laughter*

This sort of thing happens all the time. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve gotten rude comments at work. The worst one was in response to my saying that a baby was cute.  

“Honey, you better not be thinking of having a baby. Girls like you think they’re ready and then end up having a C-section because they’re bodies aren’t mature enough yet.”

WOW! RUDE! I was so annoyed. I can’t even describe… I wanted to shove my wet dirty mop in her face. (I’m a housekeeper) Unfortunately, the only response I could think of was: “My body is fully matured.” instead of satisfaction, a dirty wet face, and the unemployment line, I got one of those one eyebrow raised ‘yeah right you look like you’re fourteen’ looks. I could have protested, I could have told her how old I was, or I could have told her that I stopped growing when I was 12, and haven’t gained weight since high school, but she probably wouldn’t have believed me anyways.

And I guess I can almost understand. I was mistaken for being in junior high at the beginning of the summer, and I really do look a lot younger than I am, and you know what? I may not be a teenager, but I’m pretty young. Still, why does everyone think it’s any of their business? They judge if you get married too young, they judge if you wait too long. They judge the number of kids you choose to have. They judge when you choose to have kids. As far as I’m concerned all of these choices involve three people: man, woman, and God, and no one else has a right to give their two cents.

So, although the people who do this are not the ones who read this blog, I would just like to say (for my own purposes)

Leave me alone! I’m young, married, and happy! Whatcha gonna do about it?