Colors Quiet Book Page

colors quiet book page

colors quiet book page idea

This is my colors quiet book page. It’s a pretty simple concept. I embroidered felt pictures and then sewed matching color square flaps just on top. I used a green leaf, white clouds, an orange fish, a blue flower, a yellow duck, and a red apple. I considered embroidering the color name on top of the felt, but didn’t for two reasons – 1) Little Lion can’t read yet, and 2) I was in a rush to get it done before Christmas.

Little Lion really enjoys this page. She likes to pretend like she’s surprised by what’s underneath the different flaps. Ah, toddlers are SO fun :)

Here are close-ups of some of the embroidered pictures.

The duck might be my favorite one.  Ducks are so cute!

Little Lion likes the leaf. Ironically, the easiest one to make.

And of course I had to make the classic red apple. Little Lion likes to pretend she’s eating it.