Amber may be…learning quickly?

The Photographer took me to my first wedding on the job. It was overwhelming and wonderful at the same time. As the day began, I played the part of the gopher. I don’t own a flash, so I couldn’t help photograph anything inside. I played around a little, but without added light I couldn’t get anything up to par with The Photographer’s standards. Instead I made friends with the little girls, grabbed different pieces of equipment for The Photographer, and listened to the bride’s remarkable love story.

Then we moved outside, and I was finally able to get in the action. The Photographer instructed me to take a lot of pictures, so I hastily grabbed my brand new Canon D50 and went to work. I couldn’t believe the freedom and exhilaration.  It felt funny going up and down the aisle during the ceremony, like I was intruding, but at the same time it gave me a sense of importance. I was with The Photographer.

I was feeling pretty self important, but then the unexpected happened. I was in the middle of taking some beautiful shots of the bride with the blossoms, and suddenly the camera wouldn’t click anymore. I looked down at the camera, the words CARD FULL flashed across the screen. I had obeyed instructions and taken lots of photos, but my new camera ate up memory a lot faster than what I was used to. 2 gigs just didn’t hold memory like I wanted. I was disappointed, but I was still able to observe the rest of the wedding. A couple of times I pretended to take pictures, just so I would feel less stupid.

Later on, I discovered that most of my pictures had ended up blurry. I wasn’t prepared for the combination of a heavier camera and nerves. I hadn’t held still enough to get good shots.

So I guess I learned two important lessons at my first wedding, 1: bring extra memory cards, and 2: hold the camera still.