“skirty” feelings – hee hee

I got some new shoes the other day. A friend of my cousin’s gave her a bunch of her old shoes and I was lucky enough to fit into some incredibly cute ones! One pair was bohemian orange, and I knew it would match perfectly with an old skirt my mother bought me just before going off to college. And since I recently lost those last two pregnancy pounds I knew it would fit.
As I put it on, memories of starting college at BYU-Idaho rushed through my whole body. They were the kind of memories where you don’t just remember them – you feel them. I remembered how excited, nervous, and lonely I was those first days at college, but at the same time how excited I was to wear my new skirt. It seems silly when I think about it, but it hasn’t changed, today I’m excited to wear my “new to me” shoes.
I remember I was the first girl to arrive at my new apartment and I was all alone. I arrived on a Saturday, and the next day – Sunday, I got dressed and ready with the skirt. It wasn’t the first time I’d worn it, but it felt like it was. The skirt is brightly colored and in my hometown in Utah, it would have been considered the latest fashion.
I walked to church ready to meet new people and enlivened by the spirit of Ricks. As I was walking I heard some girls start to giggle. I turned around quickly, hoping they could be new friends, and smiled at them. They laughed harder and one of them choked out, “Nice skirt!” in a thick southern drawl, they continued their giggle fest until another said, “You look like a moovie staar!” her long nasally voice giving extra emphasis to the words movie star.
I was mortified. They were making fun of me and my new skirt. I turned red in the face, and quietly said, “Thank you”. Then I turned around and marched to church without looking back, although I couldn’t help but hear their raucous laughter.
The day wasn’t all bad, one of the girls in my ward would turn out to be a life-long friend, and I tried my hardest to ignore those girls, who I ran into a few more times. I defiantly kept wearing my skirt, refusing to let them dictate my fashions and I soon discovered that there were those who would love me for me – even if I did get teased for being the Utah girl.
And even though I can’t look at my skirt without remembering my second day at school, I can definitely wear it without worrying about what people think. Because I still think it’s a totally cute skirt! And though I’m still influenced by what others think of me, I’m outgrowing it – Little by little. Need proof? OK, here’s the skirt. I’ll post a picture online. Ta Dah!