Simple Spring Wreath

This is kind of a cheater post. Remember my stick wreath I made around Easter? And remember those flowers I made out of Kleenex tissue? Well, I combined them and…


DIY spring wreath

A simple spring wreath.

DIY spring wreath

Every so often I’ll go for something over the top decorated, but usually I just like simple. And may I make a confession?

Be prepared I’m about to offend everyone … I don’t like felt wreaths. I think they’re…. tacky…

I know, *gasp* right? It’s not that I don’t like the felt flowers on them, but the ones that are all wrapped in felt? Bleh! Well, now that I’ve got that off my shoulders :)

Have a great spring everyone!

– Amber Mae

How to make a wreath out of sticks – and it’s free!

How to make a spring wreath

It was a beautiful day outside and Little Lion and I were lounging in the backyard. A semi-recent windstorm brought tons of sticks to our lawn and Little Lion was having a great time gathering them, dropping them, and trying to eat them. I laughed as I helped her make a big pile. Suddenly, there it was, inspiration! Why don’t I try to make a wreath out of these? And suddenly Little Lion and I were on a crafting adventure – and I’m going to share the adventure with you! Here’s how to make a wreath out of sticks.


Sticks – long ones – about 10-15

water – the wet kind

a bathtub – the… basin kind… not the other, not basin kind…


1. Gather your sticks, as you can see we had a great time gathering ours

Gathering sticks

2. Put them in a tub to soak, I did it for about four hours because I’m impatient but you’d probably get better results if you did it over night

3. Choose your longest most pliable stick and take a strip of bark off of it, hold your stick in a circle and tie the ends together with the bark (I had hubby help with this, it’s hard to hold it in a circle and tie at the same time)

4. Take other sticks and wrap them in and out of the circle, like this. If you look on the left side of the picture you can see where I bound the sticks with bark – saying that makes me feel all natural and hip :)

How to make a spring wreath

Close up!

How to make a spring wreath

5. Keep going until you’re satisfied, let it all dry and add any embellishments you would like. I’ll be adding mine later.

How to make a spring wreath

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