Five reasons to love pregnancy

Well, I did it! I’ve successfully graduated with a BS in Communications notwithstanding being 9 months pregnant. It’s been a fun road, slight sarcasm included. :)

As I get closer and closer to the end of my pregnancy I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief that my discomfort will soon be over. Everyone know that pregnancy is hard. From mood swings to nausea in the first trimester, to heartburn in the second, and waddling like a duck by the end it can get pretty trying. Still, I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude. There are definitely things I will miss about pregnancy. Despite the pain and discomfort there are things to love about being pregnant.

  1. The smiles from passersby: It takes a village to raise a child, and the whole village is excited about your new arrival. Despite my misgivings I only got a handful of raised eyebrows and rude stares from people who think I’m a pregnant teen. I loved the realization that most people aren’t looking at you to judge you, but rather to be happy with you. My favorite moment was when a senile old man smiled at me and muttered, “cute cute cute” as he walked by.
  2. The tummy rubs: I definitely am not a fan of strangers rubbing my tummy, but I love when my husband does it! I’ll miss the bonding we have together when there is no longer a reason to lavish attention on my burgeoning belly.
  3. The butterflies: Feeling baby move always brings me joy. I love her so much and it’s fun to know she’s growing inside me.
  4. The gimmies: When people see that you’re pregnant they go out of their way to be nice to you, from the stranger who holds the elevator for you to the best seat on the couch it’s nice to get the gimmies – although I have to admit it can be embarrassing sometimes.
  5. The service: I’m a firm believer that we are better, happier people when we serve others and there is no greater service than to give up sole ownership of your body for nine months. Every time you puke, it’s for the baby, every time you answer an embarrassing question about weight gain – you’re putting up with it for the baby. It’s all worth it because you’re about to embark on the greatest adventure of your life! It’s a happily given service and that sweet child is worth any amount of pain, discomfort, and lack of sleep.

I have occasionally heard women talk about why they don’t want to ever have children. They will cite stretch marks, career ambitions, weight gain, and losing their identity as reasons why children aren’t worth it. Some of what they say is true. Pregnancy does create unsightly stretch marks (battle scars as my husband calls them), it does put a damper on career ambitions, it comes with weight gain, and many do lose themselves in their children, but they fail to mention the many wonderful things that come with children. Children bring greater joy than one can imagine, they bring love and purpose and hope for our future. Having children helps us progress and become better, it teaches us selflessness, faith, work ethic, and gives us the tiniest glimpse of the love our Father in heaven feels for us.

So, here’s to remembering the joys of pregnancy as I embark on a journey of motherhood.

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