The Elderly Say the Darndest Things

Old Hands

These are my grandmother's hands - they are over 90-years-old

I just love elderly people, don’t you? I am blessed to know some of the sweetest ancients in existence, namely my grandpa and all three of my lovely grandmothers. All of them are over the age of 70. They have lived through depressions, recessions, births, deaths, good times, hard times, inbetween times, and believe it or not they have a lot of wisdom to share.

They also have a lot of humor. One of my favorite parts about going to the grocery store is talking to the elderly who are drawn to my adorable little munchkin. You see, they always say the darndest things and it provides me and my family with more than a few chuckles.

Case in point, the following is a conversation with an elderly man we met in Wal Mart. Please note that I’m not trying to make fun of him, I really thought he was a sweet guy.

Elderly Man: Oh my, what a cutie you’ve got there, how did you get her?

Me in my head: Well, it all started with a tiny egg, would you like me to explain?

Me out loud: Thanks, we sure love her.

Elderly Man: Well, look at you, you’re almost as tall as your mama!

Me in my head: She’s actually got stunted growth and is no where near as tall as me – even if I am only five feet tall.

Me out loud: Yep, she’s a growin!

Elderly Man in a very serious voice: You’re not cute, no your not, you’re not cute at all

Me in my head: BWA HA HA HA HA

Me out loud: small chuckle, say buh-bye to the nice man. Have a nice day, sir

The following is another exchange with a sweet old man I met at the thrift store:

Elderly Gentleman: Oh my, it’s a baby!

Me in my head: No, it’s a kangaroo

Me out loud: Yep she is!

Elderly Gentlemen: Well, did you get her here?

Me in my head: Duh…. what do I say to this?

Me out loud: long pause

Elderly Gentlemen reaching for her: Well, I think I’ll just take her home with me

Little Lion (My baby): WAHHHH!!!!! clutching at me

Me out loud: She’s more valuable than anything you can buy (finally responding to the last comment)

Elderly Gentlemen: I think I’ll go find my wife, she’ll want to see how cute your baby is.

Me in my head: so should I wait here or run?

Me out loud: OK (as I wander off…)

Please don’t think from this post that I don’t love and value the elderly. Both of these gentlemen were sweet men who  were interested in my baby, but when they say darn things like that it’s just too good not to share.

What kind of comments have you recieved from strangers about your baby? Share in the comments below :)