Instincts: Mom vs. Dad

Our sweetie

1. Baby looks up imploringly; it’s obvious she’s begging for some fun

Mommy instinct: read a book, play a gentle game of Ring around the Rosie, sing the ABC song

Daddy instinct: throw baby as high into the air as possible and listen to her giggle on the way back down

2. An elderly stranger walks up to baby and begins commenting on how cute she is while simultaneously snacking on her toes.

Mommy instinct: Politely remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible

Daddy instinct: Chastise elderly stranger in a loud manner and then remove baby from situation

3. Baby cries and indicates that she is hungry

Mommy instinct: provide the healthiest meal possible with no sugar but lots of calories

Daddy instinct: give her a doughnut

4. A stranger at church picks baby up and begins walking to the other side of the room.

Mommy instinct: Dash to save baby while politely saying, “I’ll take her.”

Daddy instinct: Tackle the stranger, then take the baby back.

5. Baby is tired and ready for a nap

Mommy instinct: Sing songs and wind baby down for sleep

Daddy instinct: Rile baby up with rousing tickles because he wants to keep playing with her

So this is obviously an exaggerated list, but for the most part it’s true – at least for us and it demonstrates 2 main points: first ┬áthat men and women are really different and second that it’s important that our baby has both of us. We balance each other out and between the two of us we’re able to give her everything she needs.

So what about you? Are we the only ones with differing instincts? Is this similar to your situation or are the roles reversed? Share your stories in the comment section.