Shapes Quiet Book Page

Quiet Book Shapes Page

Quiet Book Shapes Page

The basic concept of this quiet book page is pretty simple, but if I could do it again I would make it even more simple. I used small magnets and sewed them into both the black shape silhouettes which are attached to the page, and also to the colored removable shapes. I then hid my magnet sewing with embroidered labels. Remember, this was one of my very first sewing machine projects, so the sewing is far from perfect. I mentioned I would make it more simple if I did it again, well I would, felt sticks to itself very easily, if I redid this project I would leave out the magnets all together, which would in turn cut the time spent in half. Here are some more pictures to show what I did.

Quiet Book shapes page

Quiet Book Shapes Page

Quiet Book Shapes Page

Happy Quiet Book making!

Colors Quiet Book Page

colors quiet book page

colors quiet book page idea

This is my colors quiet book page. It’s a pretty simple concept. I embroidered felt pictures and then sewed matching color square flaps just on top. I used a green leaf, white clouds, an orange fish, a blue flower, a yellow duck, and a red apple. I considered embroidering the color name on top of the felt, but didn’t for two reasons – 1) Little Lion can’t read yet, and 2) I was in a rush to get it done before Christmas.

Little Lion really enjoys this page. She likes to pretend like she’s surprised by what’s underneath the different flaps. Ah, toddlers are SO fun :)

Here are close-ups of some of the embroidered pictures.

The duck might be my favorite one.  Ducks are so cute!

Little Lion likes the leaf. Ironically, the easiest one to make.

And of course I had to make the classic red apple. Little Lion likes to pretend she’s eating it.

Barn yard finger puppets – Quiet Book Page

I’ve seen a lot of cute barnyard quiet book pages floating around. This is the version I made. It’s partially embroidered and partially sewn. The finger puppets are embroidered together with googly eyes glued on with fabric glue. There’s not much of a tutorial for this page, but feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

barnyard quiet book page

I made a cow, a mouse, a cat, a duck, and a pig. They’re not perfect, but Little Lion loves them.

barnyard quiet book page

Busy Busy Bees Quiet Book Page

Time for a new series! The last month or so I’ve been working feverishly on a quiet book for Little Lion. I’ll post a new page idea every week with descriptions of how I made the page. I tried to make all of my pages interactive, toddler appropriate, and educational. The first one I’m going to post is my Busy Busy Bees page. This one is a favorite. Little Lion loves to make buzzing noises as she flies the bees from flower to flower.

quiet book page busy bees

The entire book is made of felt. I think that in the world of pro – quiet book making you’re supposed to draw you’re template on normal paper, cut out the pieces, pin them to your material, and then cut out your material, but I just drew a rough sketch and then started cutting. I guess I’m a rebel :). After my pieces were cut out I sewed them onto the pages with my new sewing machine. Don’t look too closely at my sewing because this book is one of my first projects on the machine.

I attached some embroidery floss to the beehive “door” by tacking it on.

quiet book bee page, diy quiet book, how to make a quiet book

For my flowers I used a couple of different techniques. For the one pictured to the far right I used the same technique as I used in my post on how to make kleenex flowers. Just replace the kleenex with felt, do two on top of each other and tack it on. For the flower pictured in the middle I adjusted this tutorial. And for the one pictured to the left I used this tutorial.

felt flowers

For the bees I cut out yellow ovals and embroidered black lines on to them. I used fabric glue to sew on googly eyes. The wings were cut from white felt, pinched together and sewn on top of the bees to make it feel like they were flying. I attached the bees to the hive with embroidery floss and embroidered the words Busy Busy Bees onto the page. In hindsight I would use a thin ribbon instead of floss to attach the bees to the hive. My floss is always getting knotted up.

quiet book tutorial, how to make a quiet book, busy busy bees quiet book page, DIY quiet book

So that’s my page. It was a lot of fun to make, and I can’t wait to show you the rest of the pages I made. In the end I plan to sew button holes into the sides of the pages so they can be bound with little metal rings. If anyone else is working on quiet books I would love to see what you’re up to. Leave a link in the comments and I’ll come check it out :) Hope to see you next Monday with another quiet book page post.