Family Home Evening Idea – The Honey Bee and the Yellow Jacket – a lesson on honesty

I found a similar picture online and made my own version by hand :)

I found a similar picture online and made my own version by hand :)

Hubby and I have been talking a lot lately about how to teach our children values. One of the things we’ve been doing is tying our parenting back to a series of family rules we came up with together. So far, it’s made our parenting more consistent and it has helped us give solid answers to the constant whys coming from Little lion. This family home evening was our first in a series to tie back into our family rules. The rule? We are honest.

Opening prayer

Opening Song: Choose the right

Scripture: Philip 4:8

Attention Getter: Show two pictures, one of a honey bee and one of a yellow jacket. These can be pictures you found online or pictures you drew yourself. Then explain the basic differences between the two bugs. A honey bee is fat and fuzzy and he spends his day gathering nectar and pollinating the plants, then he goes home to build his house and make honey. He works hard for what he has and he is honest in his nature. He doesn’t like to fight but will to protect his hive. If he stings someone he is sacrificing his life.  The yellow jacket looks a lot like the bee but he is thin and smooth. He is carnivorous and will often pretend to be a bee so he can sneak into the hive and steal the bee’s honey. He will sting readily because stinging someone or something poses no risk to him.

honey bee vs yellow jacket family home evening

Make a chart. Write honey bee on one side of a paper and write yellow jacket on the other. Compare and contrast the two bugs behavior based on the value honesty. Talk about how you would rather be a honey bee than a yellow jacket.

Activity: On a beehive you either sketched or printed out make yellow thumb prints with your family. When they are dry sketch honey bees on them. You now have a nice visual reminder of your lesson.

Say your closing prayer and have a nice honey related treat. I suggest Navajo tacos, or fry bread as those outside of Utah call them, with honey on top.

Happy Home Evening and God bless

the honey bee and the yellow jacket FHE

Family Home Evening – Priesthood Power

Based on Elder M. Russell Ballard’s ‘This Is My Work and Glory’ address in April 2013 General Conference

Opening Prayer

Opening Hymn: Love is Spoken Here – Children’s Hymn Book # 190

Treat: popcorn

Attention Getter:

Go for a short walk with your family. As you go point out everything you see that was made by Heavenly Father. Ask what power created all of these wonderful things.

Read this quote by Elder Ballard:

“The power by which the heavens and earth were and are created is the priesthood. Those of us who are members of the Church know that the source of the priesthood power is God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ. Not only is the priesthood the power by which the heavens and earth were created, but it is the power the Savior used in His mortal ministry to perform miracles, to bless and heal the sick, to bring the dead to life, and as the Father’s Only Begotten Son to endure the unbearable pain of Gethsemane and Calvary — thus fulfilling the laws of justice with mercy and providing an Infinite Atonement — and overcoming physical death through the resurrection.”


I can’t find this video on youtube for imbedding purposes, but here is the link to some of the training Elder Ballard suggested we watch in his talk. This is a short video and would be perfect to watch at this point in your lesson.

Read the following quote from Elder Ballard’s talk and discuss the sacred ways men and women bless each other.

“In our Heavenly Father’s great priesthood endowed plan, men have the unique responsibility to administer the priesthood, but they are not the priesthood. Men and women have different but equally valued roles. Just as a woman cannot conceive a child without a man, so a man cannot fully exercise the power of the priesthood to establish an eternal family without a woman. In other words, in the eternal perspective, both the procreative power and the priesthood power are shared by a husband and wife.”

If you want to (or the kids just aren’t paying attention anymore) you can end here, or you can go on to tell the story Elder Ballard shared about the plant that wilted when it was forgotten in a dark room – similarly priesthood holders withhold nutrients from their spirits if they don’t exercise and honor the priesthood appropriately.

Closing Hymn: Truth Eternal – Hymn Book #4

Closing Prayer

Family Home Evening – Hidden Dangers

Based on President Boyd K. Packer’s  ‘These Things I Know’ Address in April 2013 General Conference

Opening Prayer

Opening Hymn: Choose the Right Way – Children’s Hymn Book Page 160

Treat: Gummy Worms (Snakes) or if you’re awesome and have the time – Dirt cups

Attention Getter: President Boyd K Packer told a story in general conference about snakes that hid in seemingly safe places near his home. Satan often sends snakes to invade seemingly safe places in our own lives. Print out and tape snakes around your home and go on a scavenger hunt to find the snakes – with each snake can talk about what kinds of temptations that area of your home could bring as well as ways we can defend ourselves from those snakes. Some suggestions for places: computer (improper use of internet), tv (immoral media), fridge (word of wisdom or lack of moderation), windows (worrying too much about what neighbors think when they look in your windows – I know I’m kind of stretching, lol), bathtub (keeping our thoughts clean). If you have more ideas on this please share them in the comments!

Hidden Dangers Family Home Evening Idea

Lesson: End with this quote and discuss how we can strengthen each other and help each other avoid dangerous snakes. “The family, the fundamental organization in time and eternity, is under attack from forces seen and unseen. The adversary is about. His objective is to cause injury. If he can weaken and destroy the family, he will have succeeded.” Boyd K. Packer

Closing Hymn: The Lord is My Shepherd – Hymn Book Page 108

Closing Prayer

26 Weeks of FHE – Week 2

Remember, these are all just suggestions to help you (and me) as we prepare meaningful Family Home Evenings. You can use parts, all, or none of what you find here completely guilt free. My dirty little secret? I rarely prepare the snack, and guess what? I still end up with good FHE’s.


These talks aren’t necessarily geared for the whole family, but they are really worth reading, and this lesson is based on suggestions from the talks.

Teaching Our Children To Understand – Cheryl A Esplin – Second Counselor in the Primary General Presidency (This was one of my favorite talks during this General Conference)

Especially this quote:

“In a latter-day revelation through the Prophet Joseph Smith, the Lord instructs parents to teach their children to understand the doctrine of repentance, faith in Christbaptism, and the gift of the Holy Ghost. Notice the Lord doesn’t just say we are to “teach the doctrine”; His instructions are to teach our children to “understand the doctrine.” (See D&C 68:25, 28; emphasis added.)”

Based on this quote, the lesson will include simple explanations of one, two, or all of the following concepts: repentance, faith in Christ, baptism, and the gift of the Holy Ghost. Decide which concept or concepts to teach. It’s important that kids KNOW the basics of these concepts so that, as Sister Esplin suggests, we can really teach them to UNDERSTAND them when the opportunities arise.

And a Little Child Shall Lead – Boyd K Packer – President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles


apple slices

Opening Song:

Jesus Once Was a Little Child Children’s Hymn Book # 55

Attention Getter:

This will depend on which concept you’ve chosen to focus on.

Repentance: Explain the doctrine of repentance with this fun object lesson:

The concept is simple:  take a clean glass of water and put sin (food coloring) in it. Then liberally apply repentance (bleach) in order to make it clean again.

A few tips and tricks I learned first hand – only put one drop of food coloring in – use less water so you can add more bleach –  it takes a few minutes so discuss the steps of repentance while you’re waiting – the end result is the color of bleach so if you really want to get nit-picky with it add some more water for a truly clear jar. Personally, I think this object lesson can be used for almost all ages. I did it with a neighbor and we had a blast. :)

Faith in Christ: For teenagers or adults – utilize videos and other resources at the Church’s website Faith in Jesus Christ. For younger children set up a table with a whistle, a jagged rock, a blue pen, salt, a bowl with vanilla.

Blow the whistle, ask the children what it is – a whistle – how do you know? – I heard it. Pass around the rock, what is it? – a rock – how do you know? – I can feel it. Draw something with the pen, what color is that? – blue – how do you know? I can see it. Let everyone taste the salt, what is that? – salt – How do you know? – I can taste it, Allow everyone to sniff the bowl of vanilla, what is that? – vanilla – how do you know? I can smell it.

Explain that they used one of their five senses to help them know what each object was. Ask the children who Christ is. How do you know? Explain that we know who Christ is through faith. Faith is something that we feel inside us, with our heart and soul rather than one of our five senses.

Baptism: Have a question and answer session about baptism. This is good for families of all ages. Give children the opportunity to ask any question they want about baptism. Be prepared to look up answers you don’t know. For reference to a few simple questions you can check out this page on the Church website. Allow the Spirit to guide your discussion, try to make the atmosphere as inviting and non judgmental as possible so that the discussion can be free. No question is dumb or stupid. End with a coloring activity. You can find free baptism printables from the church website here.

Gift of the Holy Ghost:

For older children/ adults tell a personal story of a time when you felt the Holy Ghost guide you. Ask them to share their own experiences.

For young children explain that the Holy Ghost is a spirit so it can dwell inside us and help us make good decisions. Give each child a paper bag and let them draw a face on the bag, then put a flash light inside the bag. When we make good choices the Holy Ghost fills us up with light and joy just like the flash light fills the bag. When we make poor choices the Holy Ghost leaves us just like the bag without the flashlight.

For very small children take turns giving the children a big hug. Talk to them about that warm happy feeling they get when they’re being hugged and explain that the Holy Ghost helps us to feel warm and happy when we’re making good decisions. When we make poor decisions the Holy Ghost leaves us, and we feel sad and empty.

The Meat:

Ask the children why they think you do family home evening every week – because you love them. Why are we commanded to have Family Home Evening every week? There are a lot of good answers to this question, but ultimately it is because our Heavenly Father loves us and wants what is best from us.

Read parts or all of the following quote as you are prompted to do so.

“The ultimate end of all activity in the Church is to see a husband and his wife and their children happy at home, protected by the principles and laws of the gospel, sealed safely in the covenants of the everlasting priesthood. Husbands and wives should understand that their first calling—from which they will never be released—is to one another and then to their children.

One of the great discoveries of parenthood is that we learn far more about what really matters from our children than we ever did from our parents. We come to recognize the truth in Isaiah’s prophecy that “a little child shall lead them.” – Elder Boyd K Packer

Tell your children how much you love them and how grateful you are to them for all they teach you. Help them to understand how much you value them as well as your role as a parent/aunt/uncle/grandparent.

Closing Song:

I am a Child of God Hymn # 301

Disclaimer: I’m not an official representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Everything here is my opinion. I’m just a normal Mormon mommy hoping what I post can help myself and others as we seek to reach our potential :)