Don’t Spill the Blessings! Another Fun Family Home Evening Idea

Don't spill the blessings

Lately, my kids are all about the classic game,Don’t Spill the Beans. My two-year-old calls it Don’t Drop the Beans, so cute! If you aren’t familiar with this game, it’s a cause and effect game where you take turns dropping beans into a swinging “pot” but if you put too many beans in the pot could spill on your turn! The first one to get rid of their beans wins. Although my kids seem to think it’s more fun to spill the beans and gather them in a mini mountain.

Due to my kids apparent fascination with spilling the beans, I decided to base a Family Home Evening around this simple kid’s game. Because we are always looking for more Family Home Evenings geared toward little kids. So, basically this whole family evening is playing the game Don’t Spill the Beans, except this time we are playing Don’t Spill the Blessings and the real goal is to help our kids understand

1) that blessings from Heavenly Father are directly correlated with obedience to His commandments

2) that He loves us and gives us commandments out of love and

3) that He wants to give us SO many blessings they can’t be contained and end up spilling.

Opening Prayer

Scripture: D&C 130: 20 – 21

There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven

Song: Keep the Commandments (click link for music)

Family Home Evening Lesson:

The way you approach this will depend on the age of your kids. I have very young children who don’t like to sit still for the lesson part of family home evening so feel free to adjust if you have older kids. I started this family home evening by pretending we were getting in the car for a drive. The analogy is taken from Carole M Stephen’s conference talk, If Ye Love Me Keep My Commandments. If you have older kids you might be able to just read a quick excerpt from her talk. You can find it here. Either way, I highly suggest going over it in preparation. It’s a wonderful talk! Remember, this is just for your own convenience and to help others out with family home evening. You don’t have to follow it exactly. To quote a song, Listen to the still small voice. He will guide you. :)

Please sit on the couch, we’re going for a pretend drive. Good job. Now let’s all put on our seat-belts. Click. Click. Click. Good! Why do we wear seat-belts?

To keep us safe

So we don’t get hurt

Because it’s the law

If it wasn’t the law, would mom and pop still put you in seatbelts? Of course we would! Why?

Because you want us to be safe


Because you love us!

That’s exactly right. We love you SO much! We would never want you to get hurt. That’s why we put you in car seats and seat belts.

Does Heavenly Father ask us to do a lot of things?


Like what?

Go to church


Pay tithing


Why does He ask us to do all of those things?

Probably a blank stare. Ha ha!

Do you think it’s because He loves us and wants to keep us safe?


Alright can someone read this quote from Carole M Stephens?

His Commandments are a manifestation of his love for us and obedience to his commandments is an expression of our love for him

“His commandments are a manifestation of His love for us and obedience to His commandments is an expression of our love for Him.”

Did you know that when we receive a blessing from Heavenly Father it is because we obeyed one of His commandments?

K, it’s time to play Don’t Spill the Blessings! The beans represent blessings and every time we place a blessing on the pot we have to say a commandment and a way we are blessed when we follow that commandment.

Examples: paying tithing – having enough for our needs, getting baptized – receiving the Holy Ghost, Praying – Receiving comfort

Play as long as you want!

Closing Song: Count Your Blessings (click link for music)

Closing Prayer

I hope this is helpful. I’m planning on trying it AGAIN in a couple of weeks. My kids were SO excited to play the game they had a hard time with the lesson at the start. ha ha. Sometimes family home evenings go really well and sometimes they don’t. But I trust that if we keep doing them our family will be better for it. Good luck and I would LOVE to hear how it goes at your house :)

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