My Favorite Free Crochet Flower Pattern

I’m back! My computer was broken so I was unintentionally taking a break from the internet for a little bit. It was kind of nice, but it’s also nice to be back to blogging.

In my state of general nervousness over our baby’s health I’ve been needing to do something with my hands. So I started crocheting a little. After teaching some of the young girls at church some crochet basics I found myself experimenting with crochet flowers, and I want to share with you my favorite one.

my favorite free flower pattern

Isn’t it lovely?

Use the tail left over from the magic circle to attach a hair clip.

I left the tail from the magic circle and used it to attach a hair clip. If you’re in need of a crochet flower, this is a good pattern that’s easy to follow.

I used this one as an¬†embellishment¬†for a newborn hat. No that’s not an announcement! It was a baby shower gift. You could also attach it to a sweater, a handbag, or anything else that needs a feminine touch.

If you have problems I would suggest reading the comments. Chances are someone else got stuck in the same place you did and the answer is already there! Happy flower making.