Ridiculously Easy Baby Headband tutorial – no sewing required

no sew DIY baby nylon headband

This is really easy to make. I mean, really really easy. A drunk monkey could make this headband and it would still look cute.

Ready for the materials list? OK here it is: scissors and pantyhose

It’s so easy I don’t think you’ll need me to write out a description – the pictures do the talking, but just in case I’m wrong you’ll find them written beneath the pretty picture.

How to make a no sew baby nylon headband

1. Cut off the leg and toe of your panty hose (doesn’t matter if it has runs – they add flair)

2. Tie it into a circle with a loose square knot

3. Tie another loose square knot

4. Pull really tight so that a little bit of panty-hose edge hangs over

5. Fan out your flower and pull it so it’s slightly longer than your leaf.

6. Ta – Da! Beautiful.

nylon baby headband

And I’ve got the most gorgeous little model to show it off :) This headband can be worn by babes and adults alike, although I put the flower at the nape of my neck underneath my hair when I wear it. It fits both me and baby because it’s really stretchy! Woot for stealing accessories from my infant daughter :)

I would love to see your versions of this! Feel free to leave me a link in the comments or email me pics at amber@ambermaybe.com so I can feature what you’ve done. Happy crafting!