Crayon Craft for Elementary Aged Kids

Who doesn’t love melted crayon?

Kids Craft Sun Catcher

I made this fun suncatcher with the activity day girls in my ward and thought I’d share it with you. The girls had a blast with it, and made some fun sun catchers.


wax paper



crayon sharpener




1. shave crayon shavings onto a piece of wax paper in whatever design you would like. I did a daffodil because it reminds me of spring. Be careful to avoid breaking your crayon off into the sharpener – it’s a hassle to get out

Crayon Sharpener

2. put the other piece of wax on top of your design and put your wax design in between a few layers of newspaper

3. iron on the lowest setting for a few seconds. The longer you go the more you will melt the crayon – this can look cool – but you will lose the design, still, my girls all wanted theirs to melt together.

Iron it

4. Trim the edges and stick it in a window. Ta- Dah! An easy craft for your elementary aged kids.

Kids Craft Sun Catcher