DIY fridge whiteboard

DIY fridge white board

Who doesn’t love a cute whiteboard? For the last week I’ve been working out how to make my very own adorable fridge white board. You can use it for your weekly menu, grocery list, or just to write love notes to your family… or, as I did here, you can do all three on one board! I know, Whoa! Amber, slow down girl, that is just too cool. What? Can’t a girl get excited about whiteboards?

Materials Needed: 

two colors of paint, sand paper, goodwill frame, magnet buttons, small piece of magnet tape, dry erase marker, super glue

Estimated Cost: $5 or less


1. Remove the cardboard backing in your frame but keep the glass, if your frame is especially smooth sand it down to prep for painting

2. Using acrylic paint – paint it one color

blue paint

3. let it dry, and paint it another color

4. let it dry again and start sanding, sand lightly to reveal the first color you painted the frame, sand hard to reveal the original color of the frame.

DIY fridge whiteboard

DIY fridge white board


5. turn the frame over and super glue magnet buttons to the top and bottom of the frame, because most frames aren’t perfectly straight don’t add any buttons to the sides of the frame – other wise the magnets will be fighting against each other and the frame won’t stick to the fridge. I used eight total buttons on my frame, but the number will vary based on how heavy your frame is. P.S. don’t try to use magnet tape – it won’t be strong enough to hold up the glass in the frame. Make sure to follow the super glue instructions for best results.

6. Next, super glue a small piece of magnet tape to your dry erase marker

7. Give it time to proof based on super glue instructions, and you’re done! A super cute personalized whiteboard for your fridge

DIY fridge white board

Ta dah! Ready for your own erasable messages.