Cute Leg Warmer Embellishment for Baby

One of my most popular posts is my post on DIY baby leg warmers.  In this post I link up to the best leg warmer tutorial on the web, and show off a matching hair clip I made for my little one. Well, I am still really in love with baby leg warmers. Every time I see knee-high socks on sale I jump at the chance to make some more. I’ve even been making them as baby shower gifts. Obsessed much? You be the judge, check out the most recent addition to my baby’s wardrobe.

Cute baby leg warmers

I crocheted a rose bud and sewed it on top with a little yarn leaf attached.

The rosebud took me about two micro-seconds to make, and I really love how it looks in the end. I think it’s made out of three or four shell stitches and then sewn in a circle. Super easy!

So… is it trendy or am I obsessing? On second thoughts, don’t answer. I’m happy in my bubble.

adorable baby leg warmers

DIY baby leg warmers with matching hair clip

So I’ve been thinking of introducing a new category for a while now. I’m not sure what I would call this category quite yet but the gist of it goes as follows:

    Amber may be… a wannabe crafter who finds/comes up with cute but ridiculously easy craft ideas and then shares them with you!

Too long for a category name? Yeah… I thought so too. Anywho, if I were to do the

    Amber may be… a wannabe crafter who finds/comes up with cute but ridiculously easy craft ideas and then shares them with you!

category I would start with this super easy craft that I did for my baby girl. It’s a simple how to from an awesome blogger that shows you how to make cute leg warmers for your baby/toddler/self – hey the 80’s are totally coming back!

I initially looked up how to make these because I can’t afford a million pairs of pants for my sweet little girl and these are both cute and functional why? Well, let me give you a list:

1. They are cheap: I bought the socks I made these out of for a buck each at the dollar store
2. They are easy: Me plus sewing machine = disaster, let’s put it this way, the last time my mom touched a sewing machine she literally sewed her finger to her project. I take after my mom in a lot of ways so touching a sewing machine is a bad idea for me – for this all I needed was a needle and thread
3. They are quick: Making these socks should only take you 15 minutes to half an hour depending on how fast you are.
4. They are easy with diaper changes: You don’t even have to take them off
5. They protect crawling knees: My little one has only recently started crawling, but her knees get ripped up SO fast!
6. They are warm: Do I need to say more?

Any way just follow this LINK for the warmers and follow her instructions exactly (except for throwing out the scraps, I’ll show you a cute idea for those) And then follow this LINK for the matching hair rosette thing (see I told you to keep the scraps)

Wanna see how it turned out for me? Here are some pics

K, so I made three pairs, but two are currently in the laundry so here’s a super crappy picture that I took with my phone – it should at least give you the idea :)


I found the site to make the clip after the baby had gone to bed, so I have no pictures of her wearing it and the leg warmers. Sorry! Hopefully this will suffice.