Stinky is as Stinky Does

So you know those fancy Diaper Genie things? Yeah, the ones that cost around $40 up front and then an additional $25 every time you need to refill/replace parts? Well I was looking at those thinking, man they are making a mint off of us!¬†All those things do is wrap your diapers into plastic bags to stop the diaper stink! So I made my very own diaper genie! I call it Stinky is as Stinky does. What do you think? Is it marketable? Because it’s small in the picture, let me just re-write the ad/disclaimer: (Please imagine a ridiculously chirpy female version of Billy Mays voicing the following)

Do you have a small child? Does your home smell like crap? Literally? Is it too much work lugging dirty diapers all the way from the nursery to the outside trash bin? Well we have the stink solution for you! Sure to please the whole family, our patented technology is simple, just tie dirty diapers into plastic bags and throw them in the trash. Got an especially strong bomb? You have the option of using not one but two bags! Ah-maz-ing! Wait, there’s more! Just for wasting ten minutes reading this blog post you get three, you read me right, three Stinky is as Stinky does labels. That’s three labels for only ten minutes of your life that you will never get back again! This offer is not valid with third-party offers. We are not responsible should you accidentally choke on a plastic bag. Do not eat diapers. They are toxic. We are not responsible for husbands, wives, children, small rats, infants, or large mammals too lazy and/or physically incapable of tying dirty diapers into trash bags. Thank you.

DIY stinky diaper solution

The concept is simple. Cut a hole into a clean milk jug and stuff it with plastic bags. Every time your sweetie goes poop just tie the soiled diaper up and throw it into a lidded trash bin. I’m poking fun at it, but it really does work to control stench for those of us too lazy to walk all the way outside every time there is a diaper change.