One Hour DIY Advent Calendar

DIY advent calendar tutorial

The holiday season is pretty much made up of pure craziness. Between family parties, holiday cooking, neighborhood get togethers, Christmas shopping, and life in general there’s barely time to breath. Which is why I didn’t get around to making our advent calendar until today… December 1st. Luckily, it’s a quick and easy DIY calendar that my procrastinator friends can make. If you’ve got elementary aged kids, this would make a fun family project.

DIY advent calendar


Glue Gun with glue

Glitter Glue

Magnet Tape


dollar store Christmas bag


dollar store baking sheet



mason jar

DIY advent calendar tutorial

Step 1:

Cut out the picture from your gift bag. Then, on the back of the bag, use a ruler and pen to draw out 24 squares. These can all be the same size, but they don’t have to be. I did different sizes, which made for a cute effect later.

 Step 2:

cut out 24 pieces of magnet tape and attach them to the back of your squares.



Step 3:

Arrange your pieces in order on the baking sheet.

 Step 4:

Take pieces off one at a time and write down the corresponding number in the middle. Try to make your number fill up the empty space. Have fun with this. The numbers don’t have to be all the same. I wrote a couple of mine out in cursive and outlined others so they would be thick.

DIY advent calendar tutorial

Step 5:

Take the pieces off starting at 24 and make a neat pile.

DIY advent calendar tutorial

Step 6:

This is where you can add glitter glue if you want.

Step 7:

Hot glue two pieces of ribbon to the back of the baking sheet and then tie them together in a bow. The calendar can now be hung up on a nail on the wall.




Step 8:

For the final step, just decorate a jar and put your stack of advent pieces in it.

DIY advent calendar tutorial







DIY advent calendar tutorial