A baby is born

We are truly blessed.

After a medical induction, six hours of labor, and 20 minutes of pushing I became a mother. I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl that I have ever seen.  At five pounds six ounces, she is  our tiny angel. I can’t begin to describe my awe at her. She is so perfect and pure. She has yet to know sin or the ways of the world. The veil is thin for her and memories of her heavenly father and Jesus are fresh. She loves everyone unfailingly. She curls up and sleeps on my chest for hours, cuddling as close as she can. She is soothed by her father’s heartbeat. She is perfect.

Our whole world has changed. I hope I can be the best mother for her. I hope I can set an example of love and faith, and teach her to love her savior as he loves her. I hope I can protect her from harm and danger, dry her tears and comfort her when she is in pain. I know I won’t be perfect. I know I will make mistakes. I hope she knows I’m trying my best, and I will strive to be a mother who knows, a mother who nurtures, a mother who keeps covenants, a mother who leads, a mother who teaches, does less, and is strong and immovable.

God loves this baby, and I believe that motherhood is teaching me to love as he does. We are truly blessed.