Spring with a baby

I’ve always loved this season, but discovering it with a baby is something else.

baby with yellow flowers

Everything is new and exciting. Everything is beautiful. Everything is edible, ha ha, it’s just so fun!

Baby hand holding a yellow flower in the spring

We gave Little Lion these pretty yellow flowers and she was so entranced with them. I could swear she said pretty as she gently pulled at the petals. *Sigh* These are the moments.

Baby Holding Beautiful Yellow Flowers

It makes me want to bottle her up, but then I remember her growth problems and I’m so grateful she’s progressing. She learned to walk this week, and I’m just so proud of her. Yep that’s my girl, the one who keeps pointing at the window because she wants to be outside.

I hope everyone is enjoying spring. We sure are.

God bless

– Amber Mae



I have long wavy hair. Because of the red in it, and it’s tendency to frizz, my husband likes to call me his lion. Well, I did it in french braids over night so it would have that wild wavy look to it. It waved, and it was wild, but it also frizzed up a ton. My husband actually asked me to roar for him.

Being a new mom I didn’t have time to change it, so I just went with it. I was the frizzy lioness all day. I didn’t think much of it, until my baby started to get caught in it. She’s not quite to the grabbing stage, but if you bat at something this frizzy your fingers will get stuck. It wasn’t too big of a deal. She’s tiny and I have a hard head – she really can’t pull hard enough for it to hurt, but apparently it can hurt her.

Sequence of events went as follows: Amber shuffles over to talk to husband, baby in arms, baby reaches up and bats at mom’s hair, “Zap!”, and the most blood curdling little scream I’ve ever heard come out of my babies mouth!

My hair shocked my baby, and she did not like it! I think she was more scared than anything, but her cute little reaction made us all laugh! How could I laugh at that? My poor baby! I felt for her, but it was so funny! Ah, the joys of discovery, I just hope she’s not developmentally delayed by the experience. “Zap!” that’ll teach her to reach up and grab things.

Amber may be…95% sure it’s a girl!

We went to our last OB appointment at 13 and a half weeks pregnant. I was hoping to find out gender, but I figured it was probably too early to tell. Our OB surprised us with a 95% sure statement that our baby is a girl!

It's a girl!

I was so surprised! My husband had me convinced we would never have any girls. He comes from a family of men and he gave me all kinds of weird medical and statistical reasons why it couldn’t be a girl. I never understood what he was talking about, but my husband is so good at bull! He could convince you of anything. He thinks it’s funny to see what kind of crazy things he can convince me are true. I guess it’s partially a statement about myself as well…”Hey Amber! Gullible is written on the ceiling!” “What? Where? I don’t see it!”

Ha! In your face honey! My family is thrilled. They’re mostly just glad the husband is wrong about never having girls, and my mother-in-law  is so in need of a little girl to spoil. After raising five rowdy boys she deserves the grandma reward!

I’m already making little girl plans. The flowered hair bands that are so in style, the cute pink outfits, the general sweetness a little girl brings to the home, not to mention the latest big study in the news about how people with sisters are generally happier.

Check it out: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7977454.stm

Anyways… I went off into a great fun day dream, but if our little girl grows a hot dog before the next doctor’s visit we’ll still be happy! I’m sure I can write an equally mushy blog post about sweet little boys.

Amber may be… sleeping through her pregnancy

Lethargic, worn out, exhausted, pooped, beat, done-in, tired, dragging, burnt out, weary…have I described pregnancy yet? This constant nausea combined with constant lack of energy, it’s like someone stuck me on the Tea cups at Disney World and wouldn’t let me off.

I know I should feel lucky. I can just hear all of those women who have already passed the child bearing age,

“When I was pregnant with my first, I couldn’t leave the house because I was glued to the toilet!”

Well good for you. Knowing that your pregnancies were all worse than mine sure makes me feel better…not!

I feel like I’m sleeping my way through my pregnancy.  I practically live on the couch… feeling sick but knowing that I won’t actually throw-up.

What’s worse is that there don’t seem to be any solutions. I spend most of my waking time at all of the different pregnancy websites and they keep saying I’ll be tired, but just eat healthy and exercise and it might get better. I eat pretty healthy (saltines are healthy right?), and my job involves hiking around the hospital pushing a heavy cart. Apparently it’s not enough.

I’ll have to just take comfort in the fact that I’m growing another human being inside me. It takes a lot of my body’s energy to create this baby, to help it grow all the things it needs.  WTE.com tells me that at ten weeks it’s growing bone and cartilage, little teeth beneath the gums, and at an inch and a half it’s rapidly growing in size. Not to mention I’m still growing the umbilical cord, the lifeline that will eventually feed my baby.

So I’ll have to remember that it’s all worth it, this never ending exhaustion and nausea, because in the end I will hold a beautiful baby in my arms, and my life will change forever.