Cute Leg Warmer Embellishment for Baby

One of my most popular posts is my post on DIY baby leg warmers.  In this post I link up to the best leg warmer tutorial on the web, and show off a matching hair clip I made for my little one. Well, I am still really in love with baby leg warmers. Every time I see knee-high socks on sale I jump at the chance to make some more. I’ve even been making them as baby shower gifts. Obsessed much? You be the judge, check out the most recent addition to my baby’s wardrobe.

Cute baby leg warmers

I crocheted a rose bud and sewed it on top with a little yarn leaf attached.

The rosebud took me about two micro-seconds to make, and I really love how it looks in the end. I think it’s made out of three or four shell stitches and then sewn in a circle. Super easy!

So… is it trendy or am I obsessing? On second thoughts, don’t answer. I’m happy in my bubble.

adorable baby leg warmers