Valentine’s Craft Anyone?

Anyone remember my potential new blog topic?

Amber may be… a wannabe crafter who finds/comes up with cute but ridiculously easy craft ideas and then shares them with you!

Yeah, that one? Well, I thought I’d get one step closer to making it official with another craft idea. This one was inspired by my recent anniversary. We don’t have a lot in the budget, so I thought I would craft a special gift for my wonderful and amazing hubby.

I call it: My cup runneth over. The idea is to make a love jar full of reasons that you love someone. I did 365 – one for every day of the year. Obviously, you don’t have to do the same number I did. You could do 101 reasons you love your sweetheart, or 500, or maybe even 42 (if you have a sci-fi geek of a hubby that would be a great number!). Or, it doesn’t even have to be something to hubby. This could be a family activity where you craft cute love jars and encourage each person to put reasons they love each other in the jar. Awww cute jars, your possibilities are truly endless!

What you need: a mason jar, mod podge, paint brush, cute scrap booking paper with love sayings, lots of reasons you love someone, paper to put those reasons on, scissors to cut the reasons out

Cost: Less than $5 easy!

So, it’s pretty darn easy (as promised in my potential crafter topic name).

1) come up with your lovey dovey reasons (this is the hardest step if you choose to come up with an inordinately large number)

2) type the reasons up and print them out (or physically write them out)

3) cut the reasons out

4) paint your mason jar with a thin layer of mod podge (if you really want it to last you can preface this step with some sand paper to your jar)

5) apply fancy scrapbooking paper bits (I used odds and ends I already had)

6) let dry

7) fill jar with reasons

If you’re an over achiever, make a matching love letter

Voila! A beautiful love jar and a cheap Valentines Day gift.

Easy and Inexpensive Valentines Day Idea