26 Weeks of FHE – Week 8

paper boat

Preparation: The Race of Life – President Thomas S. Monson Opening Song: Choose the Right –  Hymn # 239 Treat: Homemade icepops Attention Getter: I got this idea from one of my best friends at church yesterday and the kids loved it! I also think it would go really well with teenagers, even if they roll […]

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Never Look Down – Quote – Thoughts for Thursday

Jessie Jackson quote - Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up

Our thought this Thursday is a free printable. Remember, these printable are free for personal use only, not commercial. Thanks everyone! I hope you have an uplifting day :)  

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Message in a Magnet

DIY Rose Magnet

So I made these cute little magnets for mothers day. I wrote messages on the petals of the flowers and my mothers loved it! I know I missed the boat on posting this in time for mother’s day, but these are still gorgeous little magnets that can make great gifts or party favors any time […]

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26 Weeks of FHE – Week 7

Because FHE falls on Memorial Day this week I was thinking of doing FHE with a little less structure. As an activity we’ll be visiting the graves of family members that have passed away after doing a family prayer and a song. Preparation: Thanks Be to God – Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of […]

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Introducing: Thoughts for Thursday

Envy is like downing another quart of pickle juice every time anyone around you has a happy moment

We are officially starting a new blog project. Every Thursday I’m going to post a poster or printable with a quote or positive thought. I’m really excited for this one. I love designing and I love happy quotes – perfect combination! We’ve recently had a copyright incident pop up (someone trying to steal and then […]

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26 Weeks of FHE – Week 6

Preparation: Faith, Fortitude, Fulfillment: A Message to Single Parents – Elder David S. Baxter of the Seventy Families under Covenant – President Henry B. Eyring First Counselor in the First Presidency Snack: Marshmallow Treats (Rice Krispie Treats) Opening Song: Oh My Father Hymn # 292 Attention Getter: Movie time! Watch this mormon messages clip for […]

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Standing in the Hall

Today was hard. Being a nurse, hubby has to take his turn working on Sundays, and today was his turn. He gave me a kiss, made me plug in my phone, and left at 4:40 this morning. Two hours later Little Lion was ready to get up. We ate breakfast and got ready for church. […]

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Homemaking revolution? I think not

Have you heard about the BYU provo student who thinks the term homemaker is outdated? She wants to change it to domain. Yeah, I know, it’s not even a verb. This whole thing reminds me of the ancient Pueblo People who populated north America from about 500 – 1700 AD (that number changes all the […]

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Little Lion’s First Birthday Cake

Baby girl's first birthday cake

Some time in the last two months (I’m purposefully vague on the details) my Little Lion turned one. I can’t believe how fast she is growing up! My little five pound five ounce baby isn’t such a baby anymore. *sigh* We wanted to make her first birthday party special, and we figured the star of […]

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Thank you to my money making partner

I consider myself to be a stay at home mom. I do a little freelance writing on the side, but for the most part my days are spent right here in my living room with my Little Lion. It’s hard work, and it’s so worth it. But that’s not what I want to write about […]

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