Christmas Quiet Book Page

Christmas Quiet Book 5

This page is one of the most detailed pages I did. The idea is to decorate the Christmas tree with the ornaments kept in the box. Some parts were sewn and others embroidered. Everything was based on what we actually had in our home at Christmas time. I put our clock on the wall, embroidered […]

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It’s a spaghett-a quiet book-a page!

quiet book page

Have you read the title of this post? My Italian accent really is as bad as it sounds in your head :). This was the last page I made, and even though I still cringe at the sewing, it’s one of Little Lion’s favorites. I made this page around five a.m. on Christmas morning when […]

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Life’s a whirlwind

David A Bednar quote on inspiration

So, we were just floating along living life as usual. Nothing crazy happening, mostly just status quo. It was good. We were happy with it. Except for one little monkey wrench. We had a new baby coming and after a year of searching my husband still didn’t have guaranteed full-time hours as a nurse. If you live […]

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Shapes Quiet Book Page

Quiet Book shapes page

The basic concept of this quiet book page is pretty simple, but if I could do it again I would make it even more simple. I used small magnets and sewed them into both the black shape silhouettes which are attached to the page, and also to the colored removable shapes. I then hid my magnet sewing […]

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Colors Quiet Book Page


This is my colors quiet book page. It’s a pretty simple concept. I embroidered felt pictures and then sewed matching color square flaps just on top. I used a green leaf, white clouds, an orange fish, a blue flower, a yellow duck, and a red apple. I considered embroidering the color name on top of […]

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Barn yard finger puppets – Quiet Book Page

barnyard quiet book page

I’ve seen a lot of cute barnyard quiet book pages floating around. This is the version I made. It’s partially embroidered and partially sewn. The finger puppets are embroidered together with googly eyes glued on with fabric glue. There’s not much of a tutorial for this page, but feel free to ask questions and I’ll […]

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Here’s to our past, present, and future

Thomas S Monson quote

Happy New year everyone! How did you finish your year off? The last thing I did was clean the living room while watching a Korean drama on netflix. Lol, It was strangely fun. One of my favorite parts of the new year is looking back at the past year. So much happens in a year, […]

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Busy Busy Bees Quiet Book Page

quiet book bee page, diy quiet book, how to make a quiet book

Time for a new series! The last month or so I’ve been working feverishly on a quiet book for Little Lion. I’ll post a new page idea every week with descriptions of how I made the page. I tried to make all of my pages interactive, toddler appropriate, and educational. The first one I’m going […]

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One Hour DIY Advent Calendar

8 tie ribbon and glitter glue

The holiday season is pretty much made up of pure craziness. Between family parties, holiday cooking, neighborhood get togethers, Christmas shopping, and life in general there’s barely time to breath. Which is why I didn’t get around to making our advent calendar until today… December 1st. Luckily, it’s a quick and easy DIY calendar that […]

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Thankful for Fall

Beautiful Fall Leaves, orange leaves

Seriously, this is one of my favorite seasons. I hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of fall. I know that Heavenly Father created this beautiful world for us. Whenever things get rough the shear beauty of the world reminds me of the love Heavenly Father has for me and for all of his […]

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