26 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Clean

How to keep your house cleanHow to keep your house clean“I don’t mind cleaning. I just don’t like to clean things that get messed up again.” – quote from a teenage boy on cleaning

“BWA HA HA HA” – what the adults in the room sounded like after hearing his quote

*mutter mutter* “crazy motherly folk” *mutter mutter* – teenage boy with a death glare on his face

Unless you are Snow White or Milly from ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ there are times when you don’t want to clean. Me too! That’s why I’m creating this totally awesome list of cleaning motivators. Even if it’s mundane and boring, cleaning house has some amazing benefits, which leads me to motivator numbers 1-20:

1. Having a clean home can reduce anxiety/stress

2. The act of cleaning your home can reduce anxiety/stress

3. According to some scientists at Princeton a clean space improves concentration

4. Dusting and vacuuming helps keep indoor air quality good by taking care of those nasty dust mites

5. A dirty home welcomes mice, bugs, and other unwanted critters. Adversely, a clean and well sealed home keeps them out.

6. I don’t know about you, but I’m about 100 times more likely to make dinner in an already clean kitchen, therefore clean home = home cooked meals

7. = delicious

8. = more family meals

9. = saving money on eating out

10. = puppies and rainbows! Or at least it may simulate the feeling of watching rainbows while cuddling puppies.

11. You are less likely to lose things in a clean home

12. In a clean home you won’t spend money on replacing things you broke or lost in your dirty home.

13. Your family will want to spend more time in the house with you.

14. In the winter/summer when you are stuck inside cabin fever won’t set in quite as fast.

15. The spirit in your home will be better

16. Your home will be safer – you won’t be tripping over junk, the baby won’t be trying to eat small dangerous objects that were left on the floor, you won’t be getting sick from the polluted air.

17. You won’t be embarrassed if people come over

18. You and your family will be more moral, no joke, BYU did a study! Having a clean smelling home improves your ethics :)

19. People are more likely to get sick and pass around bugs in dirty homes

20. You can burn a ton of calories! To find out how many use a calculator like this one.

If 1-20 didn’t cut it, then try out one of these motivators, we’ll callin’ in the big guns this time!

21. upbeat music

22. a timer – set it for 10 minutes and tell yourself that you only have to go until the timer goes off, you would be surprised how often you will find the motivation to keep going once the 10 minutes are up.

23. Watch this and you will want to clean your home within an inch of its life!

24. Same with this

25. Pretend you can clean the house with magic and watch this

26. Pretend you are Snow White, NOT Cinderella (we don’t need any resentment building now do we ;)

Good luck cleaning! If I didn’t list some of your motivating methods please add them in the comments section.

Thanks in Advance!

-Amber Mae

This is part of a series called Keepin’ it Clean in 2014. Up next: How to do an emergency clean, going from messy to magnificent in less than an hour. 









  1. This is just what I’m looking for. I learn ways on how to motivate myself to clean.

  2. Love the Disney clips! How true to think like Snow White & not Cinderella, but oh to have cleaning fairy godmothers and animals doing the laundry!
    My favorite way to clean when I was younger was to be like Samantha on Bewitched, cleaning in super fast motion.

    • Thanks for the comment Janine, isn’t the imagination wonderful? I love the idea of pretending to be Samantha. Oh, if only we really could clean in fast forward!


  1. […] This is part of a series called Keepin’ it Clean in 2014. Up next: 26 Ways to motivate yourself to clean.  […]

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