26 Weeks of FHE – Week 15


Was It Worth It? Elder David S. Evans of the Seventy

Sharing the Gospel Heart to Heart President Henry B Eyring First Counselor of the First Presidency (September 2012 Ensign)

Sharing the Gospel by Sharing You – 2012 Ensign

Opening Hymn:

We’ll Bring the World His Truth Children’s Hymn # 172



Attention Getter:

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The Meat:

Promote a discussion about sharing the gospel. What does it mean to “naturally and normally” share the gospel? How can we prepare ourselves to share the gospel? In Sharing the Gospel by Sharing You, it says that we shouldn’t be sharing the gospel because we feel it’s our duty. Why is that?

Elder Evans talks about writing of Christ by writing letters to those who are away. As a family write letters to someone you love who is away, whether they are attending school, on a mission, or in military service they will appreciate the letters.

Finally, if you need additional help the church as a list of simple ways to share the gospel at their website. This might help you direct conversation with little ones.

Closing Song:

I Hope They Call Me on a MissionChildren’s hymn # 169

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