DIY Kleenex flowers

Nothing says spring like beautiful flowers! I wanted to make some pretty paper flowers to use as decoration in my home, I also wanted something quick cheap and dirty… OK not dirty, anywho – this is what I came up with!

Kleenex flowers!

Materials: kleenex, scissors, needle and thread

1. draw this pattern on your kleenex – for a five petal flower make five humps

2.cut it out, fold it like an accordian, and sew through the accordian

DIY kleenex flower

3. sew through the other end, pull together and tie off – you’ve got yourself a flower!

DIY kleenex flower

I didn’t like the pen edge so I made a bunch more where I cut down past it. Then I mixed them together with some pink paper roses and threw them into an heirloom crystal bowl my grandma gave me.

DIY kleenex flower

AHHH spring. love it. What crazy things have you made flowers out of? I love thinking out of the box and turning mundane into chic/modern.

DIY kleenex flower


  1. No way!! I had no idea you could make flowers from kleenex. Great tutorial, and lovely pics! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  2. These look awesome and very soft and delicate, great job! Will have to give this a try :)

  3. Wow! Kleenex never had it so good. These are gorgeous. Thanks for showing us such a clear tutorial.

  4. Love these and I think I’ll make them in fabric and add them to a dress! Thanks for inspiring me. I came over for a visit from Someday crafts.

  5. Amber Mae says:

    Thanks for the lovely comments. Ya’ll just made my day :)

  6. came from thrifty decorating – pinned!


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