Ridiculously Easy Baby Headband tutorial – no sewing required

no sew DIY baby nylon headband

This is really easy to make. I mean, really really easy. A drunk monkey could make this headband and it would still look cute.

Ready for the materials list? OK here it is: scissors and pantyhose

It’s so easy I don’t think you’ll need me to write out a description – the pictures do the talking, but just in case I’m wrong you’ll find them written beneath the pretty picture.

How to make a no sew baby nylon headband

1. Cut off the leg and toe of your panty hose (doesn’t matter if it has runs – they add flair)

2. Tie it into a circle with a loose square knot

3. Tie another loose square knot

4. Pull really tight so that a little bit of panty-hose edge hangs over

5. Fan out your flower and pull it so it’s slightly longer than your leaf.

6. Ta – Da! Beautiful.

nylon baby headband

And I’ve got the most gorgeous little model to show it off :) This headband can be worn by babes and adults alike, although I put the flower at the nape of my neck underneath my hair when I wear it. It fits both me and baby because it’s really stretchy! Woot for stealing accessories from my infant daughter :)

I would love to see your versions of this! Feel free to leave me a link in the comments or email me pics at amber@ambermaybe.com so I can feature what you’ve done. Happy crafting!




  1. This is a great idea for all of those old warn out pantyhose. Amazing idea!

  2. Love this idea! I wish I had come across your blog last week because I just threw out my ripped pantyhose. I no longer have a little baby but my daughter and I are always looking for new and different ways to wear head bands. Very creative and fun!

    • Amber Mae says:

      I’m glad you like it Cleopatra! If you’re anything like me, it won’t take you long to rip up some new panty hose :P

  3. Hey I just saw you on the Newlyweds on a Budget linky party! I love this cute little headband! So easy and neat! And it looks adorable! I wonder what a headband like that would look like on me! I may try it out! It’s super cute on the little one though!

    I would love for you to stop by our Naturally-Nifty Party and link this up! Because this surely is “nifty” :-)

    Your newest follower,
    -Little Sis


  4. Great idea! I have some panty hose in the craft room and will a couple together this afternoon.

  5. Wow! I can’t believe you made this from panty hose!! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  6. Brianna says:

    I’m sorry, I’m so confused!! I feel a little dumb, but I don’t understand the transition from picture 3 to picture 4?

    • Amber Mae says:

      Hi Brianna,
      Don’t feel dumb! The difference is that a second square knot is made on top of the other – then that square knot is pulled tight with just a little bit of the end left to fan out and make the flower shape :)

  7. I would love for you to share this on my linky party!
    Thanks, Marcie

  8. Is the back of the knot suppose to lay flat? Mine is sort of circular and is leaving a small indent in her skin :( but doesn’t seem too tight on her head.. Am I maybe spun the first knot wrong?

  9. Amber Mae says:

    Hi Meghan,

    You didn’t do anything wrong, it does lay in a sort of circle shape. I just make sure it’s loose enough on my daughters head that it doesn’t bother her. To avoid this problem you could make the knotted flower separate and glue it on top of a pre-made headband.

  10. This is in no way, shape, or form easy. Maybe you should explain what a square knot is and how to tie one.,

    • Amber Mae says:

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble Melanie. You just tie the same knot you would use to tie your shoes. Just make that knot twice and pull tight – exactly like in the picture I provided. Good luck!

  11. so it’s just one panty hose or two?

  12. So cute! I love it! Did you cut the toe off your pantyhose or leave it?

  13. I’m sorry to sound so dumb but i’m so so so lost. Im confused on what part makes up the flower? is it the loops of the knot? I just cant get my flower right I guess.. If you could explain how to make the flower a little bit more that would be great! Thanks so much!

  14. Hi Miranda,

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one confused. I should post a video one of these days :) It’s simple once you understand it. You tie a normal knot like when you tie your shoes, and the flower is created by the open end of the nylons. The tube part is left over after you tie the knot and that is what fans out to create the flower.
    I hope this helps! Good luck :)

  15. Hi Amber,

    Thanks for this great idea!

    Unfortunately, I am also a bit lost — even after looking at the pictures, your instructions, and the additional tips in the comments. In the final picture, it looks like the pedals of the flower are made up of the loops of the knot and the leaves of the flower are made up of the open ends of the pantyhose. But in your follow-up comments, you say that the open ends make up the pedals. So my question is: What exactly do you fan out to create the flower shape?

    When I tie two tight knots and fan out the loose ends, it simply ends up looking like a knot with wide ends around it, but nothing like the flower in your picture. I would love to figure out how to make this for my little girl since I think it’s a really cute idea. Any help would be much appreciated!

    Many thanks and greetings from Berlin, Germany!


    • Amber Mae says:

      Hi Nicole,
      I’m going to make a video to clarify the tutorial, but make sure to cut off the toe. The flower and the leaves are both made of the loose ends.

  16. I would love to see a video, I am also lost!

  17. Great idea!

    I linked to it on my blog post on the best baby tutorials, here:


    <3 Hannah

  18. i am confused as well, do you have the link to the video?? thanks!! :)

  19. I think I see why everyone is confused. Pictures 2 and 3 look like you’re tying a knot in the middle of the fabric (like pulling the 2 ends all the way out). Instead, the knot (double knot, technically), should be tied using the 2 cut-off ends, leaving a giant loop inbetween. Like if you were to tie a ribbon around a box (but the box isn’t there). Right?

  20. Exactly, Sarah! I’m still working on getting a video together (I don’t own a camcorder and have to borrow one) but that is the perfect way to explain it. Thanks :)

  21. I just made this with a pair of old maternity gray pantyhose. super cute and really easy.

  22. Made the headband and it was cute! The flower didn’t look as nice as yours but it was cute anyway. Only problem is that my 6mos old did not like it. She isn’t liking anything on her head lately. Maybe my 8yr old will like it. Thanks for the easy tutorial.

  23. I cannot get the flower right at all


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