Want to Hear My Original Music?

Want to hear my original music? For a long time it didn’t matter whether you did or not because I wasn’t sharing. I would write songs, be too afraid to even share them with my family and close friends, and then I would eventually forget them. I have forgotten countless songs. But then something changed. I can’t pin point it, but I started to share my music with my husband – only my husband. He encouraged me and helped me along, not by always telling me that a song was good, but by always telling me that I was good for trying. About a year after I first began sharing my music with my husband I began to feel this urging to share it with more people.

I started with my Dad. I was scared to death, but he encouraged me and told me I should keep going with it. Then I shared it with my Mom. Eventually I got up enough guts to sing one of my original songs at an extended family party. I nearly died. I was so scared I broke down and started crying in the middle of the song. Those who know me would probably be shocked to hear that I have stage fright. I’ve been in numerous plays and countless concerts over the years, but this is different. This is me baring my soul to the world. When criticism comes, as it always does, what will I do? It’s opening myself up to a whole new level of failure.

So why am I doing it? I don’t exactly know. Mostly because there’s this feeling that not only should I, but I am supposed to. This feeling that my music could uplift someone and make a small difference in a life. So, despite the fear and trepidation I’m sharing my music.

This first song will be one of the few with accompaniment. Despite my best attempts I was not blessed with instrumental gifts. This song was accompanied by a family friend with extraordinary abilities. I couldn’t impose on her to accompany more of my songs. The audio was done with a cell phone and is far from perfect, in fact my voice sounds better    A cappella, but I think the piano accompaniment adds to the song. Perhaps I’ll upload an A cappella version later.


  1. Amber, I think that of all your songs you have let me listen to, this is my favorite. The pictures you have with your video are really lovely.

  2. I love this song, thanks for baring your soul – filled with so much love and feeling.

    Here’s one vote for the A Capella version as well

  3. This song touches my heart and spirit each time I listen. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Amber, thank you for posting this song. There is nothing like a testimony from the heart, and this is one of the most beautiful I have been able to hear in a long time. Thank you for sharing. I agree that we need to hear the A cappella version too.

  5. Amber, this song is sooo beautiful and moving! I can’t believe you wrote it and everything! Your voice is just as lovely as I remember it. Thanks for sharing. You truly have a wonderful gift.

  6. Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

  7. This is really great Amber. Way to go in stepping out of your comfort zone and doing this. You have a God given talent so use it!