Three things that make me happy

So, this list could go on forever but for the sake of time I’ll stick to just three things.

Here goes!

  1. Cuddles: I love just relaxing with my husband on the couch. I can’t even begin to describe the contentment I feel when we’re just hanging out. He is so amazing and I love him so much. Sorry for the mushy, but this is honesty at its finest. I have the best spouse ever!
  2. Reading: Lately I only have time to read textbooks, but I try to make time for scripture study every morning. I don’t pay attention as well as I should but I always feel more at peace and more together if I’ve done my scripture study. I have a good friend who is a great example. She says that she’ll read her scriptures every day no matter what even if she only has time for one verse. Pretty cool beans.  
  3. Kicks: I love feeling my baby kick. Every kick lets me know she’s alive and strong. I can’t really describe the feeling. My husband and I have created something more than us. We have created a family that will be eternal. Her kicks remind me of that.

Let me know what makes you happy! We could make a really long happy list.

other things I wanted to put on my list: music, family, friends, church, photography, ten-year-olds, hard work, school, being organized, getting something done, Louisa May Alcott, Scarlet Pimpernel, feeling so in love, warmth, coats, gloves, herbal tea, lotion, exercise, food…

– Amber May be… content