Three things that annoy me

I’m taking a creative writing class this semester and I have to do a certain amount of journaling for it. I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and post my journals for the world to see on my blog.

Our first assignment? To name and describe three annoyances in our lives.

  1. That girl who accounts for 75% of class discussion: Anyone who has ever been in school knows what I’m talking about. It’s that girl who thinks she’s above raising her hand. She talks because she loves the sound of her own voice. She thinks her opinion is more important than anyone else and her answers are better than everyone else’s. Why does this girl annoy me? Well, besides the inherently annoying aspects of this girl I think she annoys me because I have the tendency to be that girl. I was a smart little kid and I loved talking. I was praised when I spoke in class, and it took a while for me to realize that I was being ridiculously annoying. This realization created a little bit of self-loathing, and in turn led me to a lack of patience with others who suffer from the same propensity. I know, kinda weird, still true.
  2. Scraping ice off the windshield: The weather has been ridiculously cold lately and I have learned that I just don’t have any windshield scraping talent. When my husband scrapes he can quickly remove all ice in a few deft swipes. I feel like a chicken making little scratches in the thick ice as I vigorously wipe back and forth, making absolutely no progress.
  3. Never ending messes: I have not yet mastered the art of a constantly clean apartment. I don’t know how my grandma does it. It seems that no matter how hard I try everything gets messed up again so fast! I don’t even have kids yet. Any tips?

So there’s my list! I actually had a hard time coming up with three things. I guess I’m just not in the mood to think of things that annoy me which is why my next post will be about three things that make me happy :)

What about you? This is an open invitation. Post in the comments three things that annoy you!

Amber May be… having trouble being annoyed.  :)


  1. The never-ending messes will continue until you live alone or die! They just seem to never end. There are some people who can keep messes at bay, but do they have anything else to do in their lives?
    (Yes, I am the annoying person who always wants to give my 2 cents worth!)

  2. super no name man says:

    i get annoyrd with sister in laws who have dirty houses and dont know how to scrape ice and that like hearing their own voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!