Amber may be… feeling sick

Another post I won’t publish for a while. I thought I was going to be one of the lucky few who don’t feel sick during pregnancy. I hadn’t felt anything more than slight nausea, then it started. It was early morning and I was driving my husband to class before heading to school myself. As we drove I started to feel more and more ill. I was getting pretty car sick. By the time I dropped the hubby off at school and headed home I was full blown nauseous.

The more I drove the sicker I got, so I stopped at a gas station and asked to use the restroom. These two teenage girls looked at me, and immediately told me I couldn’t use the restroom there. I was so mad! Here I was ready to puke, and they tell me I can’t use the restroom I can see behind them? Is that even legal? I wanted so badly to puke on the floor, and then let them clean up the mess, but I found that I couldn’t puke. So, I hopped in my car, and continued the drive to school.

As I drove I got sick again. The driving is what was really triggering the nausea. As I reached a stretch of road with nowhere to pull over I realized I was going to lose my cookies. So I grabbed a Wal-Mart bag and held it in front of me as I steered the car and puked. At that point I realized, I am definitely not one of those lucky people without morning sickness.

I haven’t had anything quite that bad since, instead I’ve experienced this underlying can’t quite throw-up sick that doesn’t go away. I’ve read all the articles that say to eat saltines all the time, drink ginger tea, chew on ice, etc., but none of it works. I’m driving everyone around me nuts as I unsuccesfully try to maintain a positive attitude. I just try to tell myself that it’s nausea with a purpose. The baby inside me is growing quickly, and my sickness is just a reaction to all of the new hormones my body is introducing in order to prepare for baby.

I don’t look any different yet, but the sickness makes the whole experience a little more real. I just need to count my blessings, at least I’m not spending all of my time praying to the porcelain God.